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Evolve Time!

Evolve Time! is a classic 2D puzzle platformer with a relaxed style and simplistic art concepts. The player takes on the role of a slime that can choose to morph into animals it comes into contact with, each with their own unique ability that the slime will inherit. Borrow their powers to solve the puzzles!

The game is made by a team of students - HeptaVector


Level Designers - Ben. D, David. M
Programmers - David. M, Daniel. J
Character artists - Jiayue. W, Lucille. L
Background artists - Ben. D, Jiayue. W
UI artist - David. M
Asset artists - Jiayue. W, Lucille. L
Music - Komiku (Home, Mushrooms, Glouglou)
SFX - Samararaine, Brand Name Audio, @frozenfractal, Mark DiAngelo, Little Robot Sound Factory

Thanks for playing!

Install instructions

Simply extract the .zip and run 'evolveTime.exe'. If a SmartScreen window appears, please just click 'Run Anyway',  Note that the game is sandboxed and only writes to its own folder in the AppData directory. Please keep all included files intact.


evolveTime-1.0.6.zip 9 MB

Development log


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super cute!


Nice game! It's short but fun to play, I like the arts and characters it's simple adorable and cute. I Have I have a hard time playing in the level 15, I always press shift instead ctrl, LOL! Still I have an Awesome time playing! xD

I hope you don't mind if I upload my gameplay in youtube, I want to share it with my friends.

Thank You for the game! Keep up the good work!

Thanks for taking the time to play our game and even record it! Maybe using CTRL as the action key wasn't the best idea :^) But anyway, we definitely don't mind more people knowing about our game so share away!